What Doctors have to say…

Dr. David Friedman, DC

“If you’re suffering with back, neck, hip or shoulder pain, I have something amazing to share. For six months I suffered with intense neck and shoulder pain and loss of motion. Simple tasks like putting on a shirt was excruciatingly difficult! Nothing I tried helped.

And trust me, I tried EVERYTHING! Then I discovered Australian made Elektra Life Magnesium Spray. To my total amazement, the next day I woke up 100% pain free! Honestly, I thought I was just imagining it. But after using the spray, I remained pain free with full range of motion restored. Come to find out, I was having a magnesium deficiency. This mineral isn’t easily digested when taken orally through our food or supplementation.
Magnesium plays a vital role in the health of our muscles, joints and bones! Elektra Life Magnesium Spray glides on smoothly and absorbs immediately into the skin. If you’re experiencing, neck, back, shoulder, hip pain or muscle spasms, you need to get Elektra Life Magnesium Spray! I take it daily and recommend it to all my patients. The formula also contains synergistic essential oils known for their amazing health benefits.

P.S. I have a patient who purchased six bottles to send to all his family members. He calls the product, “Jesus in a Bottle” because of all the healing miracles he’s experienced. “

Dr. Jamie Turndorf, PhD

“First, I must say that I have a bias against Western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. My entire life, I’ve used natural remedies to treat myself and my patients.

That said, I’ve been disappointed more often than not by the limited success derived from many natural remedies. It’s for this reason, that I was skeptical that trans-dermal magnesium would significantly impact my health and the health of my friends, family members and patients.

Boy was I wrong!

I tested the magnesium on myself first. I used the cream on my face and saw an amazing regeneration of my skin, which was dry and wrinkling due to long-term Retinol cream use. Within a day, my skin was like a baby’s behind. No exaggeration!

Having developed hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) , I also applied the cream to my throat. My medical doctor had been coercing me to take prescription thyroid medication. I resisted. After a month of applying the trans-dermal cream on the area of my thyroid, I had my thyroid functioning tested. My doctor was flabbergasted to see that my TSH had dropped into normal range. An elevated TSH level is a symptom of low thyroid function, and there it was in black and white: my TSH was normal! And, my thyroid levels had gone up.

Having seen the results for myself, I recommended the magnesium to my 86-year-old  mother. She applied the cream to her face, and especially on her cheeks, which were completely sunken due to collagen loss. She called me two days later and said her cheeks were no longer sunken! She went on to say that her varicose veins, which had been painful and unsightly, were nearly invisible and no longer painful. And, the pain in her back and legs was much improved. Next, she applied the cream on her thyroid, which was also not functioning properly. After a month, her doctor had to reduce her thyroid medication!

By this point, I was a believer.

And, I became a magnesium evangelist, literally speaking about and recommending magnesium wherever I went. Each time I wax on, people ask if I will sell them some cream, lotion or oil. Each time, I have to say, “I’m not a distributor,” because I’m not! I’m just spreading the word because I know the world needs to hear this news.

Next, I began recommending the magnesium to my patients, who have experienced their own health miracles. One patient, who was constipated since childhood, applied the magnesium on her stomach and, voila, she’s been regular ever since.

Another patient of mine, a medical doctor, had her mother, also an MD in her 80’s who has been bedridden for years from spinal stenosis pain, applied the magnesium on her mother’s back. Mom’s was out of bed for the first time in years!

Yet another patient of mine who has suffered depression, anxiety, and intolerable food cravings and binge eating was unable to accept my suggestion that she eliminate carbs from her diet because her cravings made it impossible for her to control her intake. In fact, uncontrollable food cravings are caused by low GABA. So, I had the idea to start her on the magnesium because I know that magnesium is a GABA Precursor, meaning that magnesium is necessary in order for the body to produce GABA. I was sure that within a week on the magnesium her cravings would be gone and she would be able to switch her diet naturally, which is exactly what happened.

Finally, a four-time Afghanistan veteran, tried trans-dermal magnesium. Among other issues, he has been unable to sleep through the night since returning from his last tour of duty 15 years ago. One dosing of the magnesium and he was out like a light for the entire night. He said he nearly missed getting up for work! The scientific explanation for his experience is simply this: magnesium iFirst, I must say that I have a bias against Western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. My entire life, I’ve used natural remedies to treat myself and my patients. That said, I’ve been disappointed more often than not by the limited success derived from many natural remedies. It’s for this reason, that I was skeptical that trans-dermal magnesium would significantly impact my health and the health of my friends, family members and patients.

A famous therapist/author colleague of mine was very resistant to try Elektra, saying that there is no research proving that trans-dermal magnesium is superior to oral administration. Nevertheless he agreed to try it because he has suffered life-long anxiety. After a couple weeks, he wrote to me and said, ‘My personal experience is that more times than not it relaxes me deeply. I don’t think the research is conclusive about topical application, but my personal experience is that it’s just amazing.

Also I put some on someone before doing a therapy session and the level of depth that I was able to experience as a therapist completely match to your description of what clients feel.

A former patient of mine who refuses to use supplements of any kind yet struggles with life-long depression, anxiety, agitation and insomnia, finally agreed to try Elektra. Yesterday he told me that he is feeling calm and relaxed and sleeps like a baby. He added that he uses it after tennis and feels no pain and stiffness the next day.”

Dr. Kirby Hotchner, D.O

I have been using the Elektra magnesium products with my patients for the past several months. I have prescribed it in numerous cases. It is easy to use, absorbs very quickly through the skin, and doesn’t usually sting or leave a sticky residue like many transdermal creams. It is much better absorbed than oral magnesium which still has its place especially for the loosening of the bowel effect where I may combine the two. As it comes in 3 different forms you can tailor the dose to each person as many need higher doses and it can be put locally over areas of pain, tightness, or to improve circulation for example over the heart. It works great for dry skin, rashes, acne and for cosmetic uses as a face cream. People have consistently given me good feedback on how well it works.

I have been helping people for over 35 years, continuously learning and educating myself about the best healing methods in the world. I have had many teachers along the way the greatest being my patients. I am an ordained healing minister, reiki master, certified in Quantum neurology , and our newest addition will be doing adult stem cell therapy. We offer a very unique range and combination of healing modalities that you will not likely find under one roof in too many places in the world. We treat people of all ages with any condition always focusing on the whole person.

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Below is a recent review from a mother with child diagnosed with PANDAS who had remarkable results from Mg Cream… She is part of an online mothers’ group who have kids with autism who used Magnesium Cream.

” I’m sitting here bawling my eyes out (part in joy and part in hope)
Today my son that has been having an extreme PANDAS flare for two weeks, had a day of calm, peace and happiness.

We laughed and splashed in the rain and built LEGO and he had full hearted giggles. No mania, no hand flapping, no aggression, no constant snacking, no whining, no meltdowns, no nasty things said.

Gosh thanks so much! We are so appreciative. His true little giggle which I haven’t heard since before Christmas. This scene was so different yesterday and for so many days before.

Loud, couldn’t sit down let alone be still, aggressive, defiant. Just a totally different day within our family today and tonight. Tonight when tucking him in he stroked my eyelids and kissed my forehead and said I love you mummy. Seriously magic, my gosh I hope we get another day like this.”

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